Monthly Archives: February 2010

Righto – quick news update… (Think i’m gonna have to make this more of a regular update thing… perhaps every/every other Friday, otherwise i just forget to do it for ages!)

Firstly – huge welcome to our new partner Nat Hills. Nat is a super-skilled photographer/webdesigner/graphic designer/generally lovely person! She’s also got one heck of a creative head on her and is a huge asset to the Castlecake team. Check out some of her photography here.
Secondly – The introduction of Nat to the team will shift us from a pure animation house to something a lot more exciting – a full design team offering specific tools to initiate small business growth. (Good stuff!)
TFM&A – This week i’ve been in London for the Technology for Marketing & Advertising exhibition. Like most Earls Court exhibitions it included the obligatory promotional pens, drinks, sweets, more pens and mousepads… For a marketing & advertising exhibition you’d hope that the freebies would be a little more inspirational than other exhibitions but alas…
However, the keynote speakers were pretty fantastic and you could certainly sense in the building that the market appears to be turning round from the recession (like a ‘phoenix from the flames’ to quote one particular speaker I heard on the Tuesday.)
Guten Abende – Obviously whilst down in Landin’, one should not sit around twiddling thumbs during the evenings and I made sure not a minute was wasted. Monday evening was spent at the Guilgud theatre with Avenue Q, Tuesday I “lmao’d” at the comedic offerings of Andy Parsons et al at the Comedy Club and Wednesday afternoon I enjoyed a particularly lovely tour round the Innocent Smoothies head quarters (affectionately dubbed ‘Fruit Towers’.)
And finally: Check this out! Violin Craziness
Keep swimming x