23 Review

So this year’s challenges are over.
And what a year it’s been.

Complete! I’ve tasted my way through 23 ‘official’ new foods, and many more that weren’t on the list (including those bastard sweet breads.)

1. Jellied Eels
2. Pig Cheeks
3. Sweet Meats (and Sweet Breads)
4. Bubble tea
5. Dried Insects
6. Quails egg
7. Creme de menthe
8. Frogs legs
9. Snails
10. Kangaroo
11. Nettle tea
12. Oysters
13. Steak Tartare
14. Dandelion Wine
15. Gazpacho
16. Pea Soup
17. Root beer float
18. Gnocchi
19. Ox Heart
20. Squirrel
21. Spotted Dick
22. Souffle
23. Kumquat

Mixed… Adramble didn’t go quite so well.
I’ve certainly paced the streets more, and I got the whole thing online but I haven’t thrown all of my effort into getting it off the ground. I’m not sure whether I will this year, but perhaps.

Take more photos
Yes sir! I certainly have taken more photos, mostly thanks to the new phone.
I’ve saved my favourite 23 here.

Take a first aid course
Also complete!
I’ve went on my first ever first aid course, which was great fun.
Hosted by Sally-Anne of St John – it was a right hoot. Highly recommended.
Here’s the certificate to boot:

I should probably now say that all of the above almost certainly wouldn’t have been possible without Wist’s help.
But more than that, it wouldn’t have been nearly as much fun either.

And with that, I’m onto Challenge 24…

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