Monthly Archives: January 2016

Coffee Shop: Association Coffee, Creechurch Lane
Time: Wednesday early afternoon
Coffee beans: Red Brick Square Mile
Ordered: 1 x Long black

Industrial. Beautiful. Busy. Coat hooks on open brick side walls. Open window frontage. Lovely old wood flooring. Plenty of empty counter space. Aeropress bench at one end. Muted greys and browns. Very clean. Surly but professional staff. Labour & Wait aprons. Interesting mix of hipsters and bankers. Thick, delicious coffee.


Coffee Shop: White Mulberries, St. Katherine Docks
Time: Wednesday late morning
Coffee beans: N/A
Ordered: 1 x Double Espresso

Tiny floor space. Low ceiling. Slightly out of place tea quote on one wall. Beautiful black and white screen prints on another.Creaky salvaged school furniture. Great view over the dock. Fiver card minimum. Sandwiches and sweet things on display. Courier and Oh Comely available. Lovely tasting coffee.