Monthly Archives: March 2013

This morning, whilst battling a gale down Old Street, I thought about an old story my parents used to read to me about ‘The Wind and the Sun.’

Essentially – the wind and the sun make a bet that they can remove the coat from a mans back.
The wind tries to blow the coat off of his back – blowing harder and harder. But the man pulls his coat tighter and tighter.

The sun then has a go, and begins to shine. The man begins to warm up.
He gets hotter and hotter, and then removes his coat all by himself.

And, in a small way, that’s like advertising.

You can beat consumers over the head with advertising.
Try and force messages down their throats.
Shout look at me, look at me look at me.
But they’ll only pull their coats on tighter.

Or you can share with them something they’ll want to watch.
Share something that’s interesting, or useful or exciting.
And they’ll take their coats off.