Monthly Archives: December 2015

Coffee Shop: BL-NK, Curtain Rd
Time: Monday morning
Coffee beans: Climpson & Sons
Ordered: 1 x Americano, 1 x Flat White

Chipboard furniture. Painted concrete floors. Packaged and nutritious fare. Friendly barista. Free wifi. Range of books and leaflets. Caffeine magazine available. Suspect magnetic letters on shelving unit. Great tasting coffee.

Blnk.001 Blnk.002 Blnk.003 Blnk.004

Coffee Shop: Fuckoffee, Bermondsey St
Time: Saturday early afternoon
Coffee beans: PNG
Ordered: 1 x Americano

Try-hard name. PR spinner. Interior feels thrown together. Student union vibe. If Nathan Barley went to uni. Bitcoin cash machine at back. Random furniture. Orb lampshades made from cups. Sweary mugs for sale. Funnyish door plate. ‘Shitstorms’ on sale – 4 espresso shots. Disgusting coffee.

Fckoffee.005Fckoffee.002 Fckoffee.003 Fckoffee.004  Fckoffee.001