Monthly Archives: October 2015

Coffee Shop: Four Barrel Coffee
Time: Friday late afternoon
Coffee beans: Herrera Nicaragua Four Barrel Roasted
Ordered: 1 x Americano

Warehouse feel. Wooden beams. Concrete slab floor. Airy and inviting. Lots of people on laptops. Record player on top of well stocked record shelves. Very well merchandised with plenty of beans for sale. Nice front of house staff. Slow barista. Great paintings on wall by Paul Madonna. Various milks available (skimmed, semi, full, almond, cream.) Nice tasting coffee. Distinctive, thick rimmed mug.

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Coffee Shop: Sightglass Coffee, San Francisco
Time: Wednesday early morning
Coffee beans: Yetatebe, Shakisso Sightglass roasted
Ordered: 1 x Double Espresso

Beautiful coffee shop.No open brick! Hexagonal pattern tiled floor. Sturdy stools. Orb lights. Compact roaster. Light and airy. Staff are incredibly polite. They ask your name, they remember your name. Decent motown playing on crackly record player. Tasty espresso. Appetising food. Meeting with Gareth Kay and Dylan Williams (take out).


1Sightglass.001 1Sightglass.002 1Sightglass.003