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So I was a little late doing this blog as I had my final pitch for the entrepreneurship module a Uni on Friday, and was not in the mood to write once I got back from it.
Think I’m going to stop the weekly updates for now and instead update as and when I have something to say, as revision is in full swing and there is very little movement on projects elsewhere.
What CAN i fill you in on?
Acoustic Attic: was a great success! Here are a couple of (dark & blurry) photos…
Huge thanks to Ten Feet Tall for giving us a reduced room hire fee and for serving some amazing cocktails…
Flaming Zombie…!
Here’s Kadesha, our fantastic opening act…
and here’s Three Pairs of Shoes…
Finally here’s our headliner, Stokes William…

Overall we raised £110 for charity. Not a huge amount but we’re still pretty happy with that considering the gig was slap bang in the revision period…
Castlecake: The Culture Group/Unltd videos are finally all finished! Waheey!
We also did a little rotoscoping over some of their video files, which were delivered yesterday!
The youtube links will appear on here shortly…!
The focus is back on our own website for a little while – fantastic news!
Publicis: I’ve just been accepted on to the Publicis summer school ‘ADcademy’! Wahey!
Runs between the 28th June and the 9th July. Exciting stuff!
Stay lucky,
Ant x
Only a couple of days to go until the event… Everything’s in place – just gotta make sure we get people through the door now… If you’re reading this (and in Cardiff ) (or fancy a roadtrip) on Sunday please please come down… Doors at 8.30pm, 3 Great bands and 241 Cocktails!!
2) Castlecake: Culture Group work is moving quickly. Foley audio will be added to the animatics within the next week… Lots to do!
Here’s another frame from the animatic for you to feast your eyes on..

3) Istartedthefire: Frustrating work! Couple of leads to follow up but very thin on the ground.

Yo yo yo…

Pretty hectic week! (revision still hasn’t started. ouch.)

1) Acoustic Attic –

Somehow ended up with TWO groups for the event on facebook… not a completely bad thing?! – but makes communication & promotion a little harder… apologies if anyone gets the same message twice.

Here’s the first CLICK ME and here’s the second OR ME

You’re welcome to attend either. They’re both at the same time. At the same place.

2) Castlecake –

Just got back from an exciting pitch at The Culture Group in Cardiff. Our storyboards were approved and we were given the all clear to continue to production. Producing what??

We’ll be producing a series of viral shorts for their client ‘Live UnLtd.

Here’s a quick preview from our pre-production.

3) Istartedthefire Booking –

Still very slow. Venue promoters just won’t take risks!

Currently speaking to Brian at the Marrs Bar. Hopefully will be able to secure a Worcestershire gig with him…

AND FINALLY: I like this piano riff


Hello thereeee!

Fairly busy week – revision for finals should have started… but haven’t.

1) Acoustic Attic –

  • 3 x Acts: Confirmed.
  • Venue: Confirmed.
  • Sound Engineer: Confirmed.
  • Poster: Produced.
  • Promotion: Needs a kick up the backside!

Here’s the poster:

Please tell your friends. I’ll whack the facebook group up on here once it is born.

2) Istartedthefire: Very slow this week. Spoken to around fifteen promoters with pretty shoddy results.

Rant ahoy: So many promoters expect bands to be able to sell x-million tickets before they let them play – it bypasses the point of a promoter in the first place. The risk of live music should lie with the promoter, as they are also the ones who stand to make money from ticket sales. Ergh!

3) Castlecake: Currently in talks with some very lovely people over at the culture group. More to come!

4) I really should start some revision!

And Finally: Click here

Love love love! xx