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One of the things that’s clear from this challenge is that I’m not the most skilled food photographer… Some of these dishes look horrendous…! But so far, they haven’t tasted too bad. So that’s something, I suppose.

#10. Mediterranean-style lamb chops, BBC GoodFood

Mediterranean-style lamb chops

#11. Mighty mackerel salad, Jamie Oliver

Mighty mackerel salad

#12. Cheat’s pappardelle, Jamie Oliver

Cheats Pappardelle

#13. Chicken with thyme salad, Angela Hartnett

Chicken & Thyme salad


Coffee Shop: Stumptown Coffee, Greenwich Village
Time: Wednesday mid-morning
Coffee beans: Stumptown own blend
Ordered: 2 x Cold brews

Handsome store. Parquet flooring edged by pretty tiles. Teak wood finishing across bar. Long building. Feels old and antiquey, like an old spice trader or bookseller. Circular tables down one side. School type seats. Books on high up shelves. Orb lighting held in place with nets. Lowercase blackboard menu. Students on laptops. Hipsters crowd. Sunglasses and converse. Sweet food on sale, including Donut plant goods and Mast chocolate. Great merch on sale. Cold brew is delicious and refreshing.


Coffee Shop: Two Hands Coffee, Rock Rose
Time: Friday midday
Coffee beans: Finca El Peten
Ordered: 2 x Drip coffees

Unfortunately not great. Very big space. But quite plasticky, like a new build. And a bit lacking in character – like a Starbucks or an All Bar One. Needs roughing up. Concrete floor. Hanging lights. High ceiling. Bare pine wood on back of bar. Wall murals share coffee quotes. Slight division of space where people work on laptops. Doubles as a licensed bar with real ale available. Pour over coffees looked pretty good. Food looks quite nice, albeit sugary. Juices also sounded good. Friendly staff. Two bean options for drip coffee, we went for the bolder. Unfortunately it tasted a little burnt.

Two Hands.001Two Hands.002Two Hands.003Two Hands.004

Coffee Shop: Intelligentsia Coffee, Venice Beach
Time: Sunday afternoon
Coffee beans: Black Cat Project
Ordered: 1 x Espresso, 1 x Cold brew

Beautiful store. Perhaps the best yet. Approach from the road, via a green seating area. Concrete floors. Muted grey walls. Open air ducts. Industrial feel for the barista area. Shelving full of merchandise on either side of room. Standing spaces around bar. Tiered concrete seating at back, which makes the whole space feel much bigger. Seating pads for the steps. Wood and wire stools at various points. Hanging glass above makes the space feel two tiered.Very busy. Friendly staff at multiple serving points. Delicious food behind glass. Great music. Tasty coffee.