Monthly Archives: April 2016

Coffee Shop: Dept. of Coffee and Social Affairs, Leather Lane
Time: Monday afternoon
Coffee beans: The Dark Horse, Ethiopia
Ordered: 1 x Americano

Open brick wall parts space into two. Wooden floors. Wooden stools. White walls. Clunkydoodle murals and framed art on walls. Smart looking serving counter. Delivery bike propped up by window. Delicious looking food in glass cabinet. Menu held up with bulldog clips. Cubby holes towards back, lit with fairy lights.Red hot chilli peppers playing on sound system. Friendly, helpful staff. Guided help on coffee beans with tasting notes. Coffee not great – a bit watery. But I’ve heard it’s usually good, so maybe just a dud cup.

Dept of social affairs.001Dept of social affairs.002Dept of social affairs.003Dept of social affairs.004