Cancer Research UK wanted to raise awareness of the link between obesity and cancer, and ensure its place on the government’s agenda – encouraging them to make changes to help tackle it.

Back in 2016, we had a tough job ahead of us. When asked to list the biggest preventable causes of cancer, obesity comes at the bottom of the list behind alcohol and UV sunlight, when in fact, it is the second biggest preventable cause.

2019 Campaign
Our most recent campaign compares smoking and obesity to show that like smoking, obesity puts millions of adults at greater risk of cancer. Like the advertising and environmental bans associated with smoking, actions taken by government can help people form healthier habits.



2017 Campaign
When we first started working on the project, we found in research that the information was rejected out of hand, no matter what we said. So we decided to say less. We left some of the information out, and asked people figure it out for themselves, and they did.


The campaign has caused national debate, raised awareness of the link between obesity and cancer, and has even been mentioned in Westminster.

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