16th – 26th April

So I was a little late doing this blog as I had my final pitch for the entrepreneurship module a Uni on Friday, and was not in the mood to write once I got back from it.
Think I’m going to stop the weekly updates for now and instead update as and when I have something to say, as revision is in full swing and there is very little movement on projects elsewhere.
What CAN i fill you in on?
Acoustic Attic: was a great success! Here are a couple of (dark & blurry) photos…
Huge thanks to Ten Feet Tall for giving us a reduced room hire fee and for serving some amazing cocktails…
Flaming Zombie…!
Here’s Kadesha, our fantastic opening act…
and here’s Three Pairs of Shoes…
Finally here’s our headliner, Stokes William…

Overall we raised £110 for charity. Not a huge amount but we’re still pretty happy with that considering the gig was slap bang in the revision period…
Castlecake: The Culture Group/Unltd videos are finally all finished! Waheey!
We also did a little rotoscoping over some of their video files, which were delivered yesterday!
The youtube links will appear on here shortly…!
The focus is back on our own website for a little while – fantastic news!
Publicis: I’ve just been accepted on to the Publicis summer school ‘ADcademy’! Wahey!
Runs between the 28th June and the 9th July. Exciting stuff!
Stay lucky,
Ant x

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