The Amplified Present

There’s a blog from Nick Burcher doing the rounds at the moment about how paid, owned and earned media are all interlinked.

In short, he talks about how broadcast TV can still be used to deliver a message, but how it also acts as a gateway to content (Owned) and drives participation and conversation (Earned.)

ZenithOptimedia have coined the phrase ‘the amplified present’ to broadly describe people twittering/talking/blogging about what’s happening – right now.

Twitter tends to go mad when Britain’s Got Talent is on or someone says something silly on The Apprentice…

It’s also often a more up-to-date news source than the news itself – only the other day, one of my friends started talking about a fire burning in Covent garden.

He’d read it on twitter hours before any of the online news websites picked up on it.

There’s obviously a wealth of data on this and lots of people sharing their opinions on what this means for agencies.

What’s the knock on for agencies?

What does this mean for how we operate?

There will be some huge changes in terms of data, analytics and evaluation with this evolving media landscape.

But actually our focus should still be where it’s always been. On creativity.

The fact people are now jumping from TV to computer more fluidly is a help to us, not a hindrance. But ultimately we need to make sure adverts have all the elements to be shareable.

If the new media landscape now involves the ‘amplified present’, then its guitar must be creativity.

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