Gig 10: The Great Last / Camden Barfly / 13.01.12

A friend’s friend’s band – the Great Last.
Regardless – I’ll be as objective as possible.

Turned up too late to see the first two bands.
You wouldn’t have noticed – the room was bare, except for around ten people hugging the bar at the back of the room.

The Great Last came on and requested everyone moved forward, which we dutifully did.
The band played a short set – they sounded like the dirty little lovechild of Arctic Monkeys and Kaiser Chiefs. They have all the minerals – arrogant singer, tight drummer, locked in bassist, confused-by-own-pedals guitarist and decent keyboardist. Decent enough for Friday 13th at Camden Barfly.

The Blood Sport headlined.
I liked them – their keyboardist/guitarist was very good, the bassist exceptional, drummer equally brilliant and a confident singer. They sounded quite eighties, but in a good way – and played for a decent enough amount of time. The quality of songs let them down – there wasn’t anything that stuck out as a hit – but there was enough of a bite there to see them going somewhere soon enough. They just need to keep writing. And work out how to end songs (fade outs just don’t work live!)

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