Gig 18: Ryan Adams / The Palladium / 30.04.12

I’d been to the Palladium as a kid – it’s a beautiful theatre and a gorgeous venue to listen to some music.

We were sat in the upper circle – nosebleed height – and whilst I was totally happy, I could see Wist wasn’t best pleased.
Adams came out to polite applause, quipping he was going to spend the following hour or so depressing us with his music. In Wist’s case, that he did.
The pace was slow and he mixed tracks from Ashes & Fire with previous hits – striking a balance between crowd pleasers & crowd intriguers.
As ever the musicianship was superb and his voice filled the theatre beautifully. However – something about the stuffy sat-down atmosphere didn’t quite gel with the tracks and despite the beautiful piano version of New York New York, he never quite hit his stride like he did in Oxford.
By no means was it a bad gig – the songs were great and he played them wonderfully – but it just didn’t click. No cigar Ryan – sorry!

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