22 Brands // Update 5 – 6

5) Apple – My first laptop was an apple. I wasn’t one of the original fanboys – I wasn’t there first – but I certainly wasn’t there last. The entire purchase process was easy and quick. It’s one of the few companies that actually manages to share its brand values through actions not words.
They have a work manifesto up on the wall in the Apple HQ – I think it’s brilliant.
How brilliant is that? I want to swim in the deep end.
With regards to Apple’s advertising – I think an awful lot has already been written about it elsewhere.
But it’s great.
6) Fender – Ah my love. I own a Fender Jazz bass.

It’s beautiful.
What I love about the Fender brand – is that it’s built on providing for real hard working musicians.
And so half of their communications show battered instruments.
And you know what – they look better than the new ones.
Half of me wants to knock my bass around just to get it looking like the old beauties.
Yet again – it’s a brand that’s built around providing great products, not providing fluff and nonsense.
J.Wilshire’s ‘Make things people want > Make people want things’ strikes again.

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