23: Update

So I’m now over 5 months into the 23:Eat challenge, Adramble and 23 Photos.
23:Eat is coming on nicely – I’ve chomped my way through 12 of the tastes – with only 11 remaining. It feels like I’ve broken the camels back.
But Squirrel and Ox heart are going to be a bit harder to find than Gnocchi and Spotted Dick.
Adramble is now up and routes are planned – they’re here: adramble.co.uk.
I’ll be testing out the walks through December, and starting properly in January.
No clue what demand will be likely – I’ve a feeling it will be slow, although lots of wide-eyed grads will be coming to London for interviews in Spring/Summer.
I’ll wait and see.
23 Photos is a little slower – my HTC camera is a ballache and my blackberry camera is about 4 pixels wide. I need to get out more with my Nikon – certainly over Christmas. All this means the 23 photos of this year are going to be mostly blurry…

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