The tail of Squirrel Nutkin

You know when you’re just randomly walking through your local supermarket and you pull open a fridge to find a vacuum packed, skinned, gutted squirrel – ready to cook?

No, me neither.

But I did happen to read the other day that my local Budgens has been serving ready-to-cook squirrel for the last couple of years.
So I popped down to have a look.

And sure enough…

So we bought one!
Unpacking it was pretty disgusting.
And slicing off the tail was worse.
Here’s a picture of it with its behind still in tact.

(Told you it was disgusting.)

But cooked – it was actually pretty nice.

There wasn’t an awful lot of meat on it.

And it tasted somewhere between lamb or duck.

But not as nice as lamb or duck.

There’s probably a reason why squirrel isn’t on the shelves of every supermarket in the UK.

But god am I glad it was in my local Budgens.

Squirrel Nutkin – you’re now crossed off the list.


1. Jellied Eels
2. Pig Cheeks
3. Sweet Meats
4. Bubble tea
5. Dried Insects
6. Quails egg
7. Creme de menthe
8. Frogs legs
9. Snails
10. Kangaroo
11. Nettle tea
12. Oysters
13. Steak Tartare
14. Dandelion Wine
15. Gazpacho
16. Pea Soup
17. Root beer float
18. Gnocchi
19. Ox Heart
20. Squirrel
21. Spotted Dick
22. Souffle
23. Kumquat

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