Le Petit Auberge

Managed to hit two birds with one stone.

Well, not birds. Snails and Frogs legs.

And not a stone. Le Petit Auberge in Islington.

The restaurant was beautiful. Wist chose it.

Silly little Snail fork.

The Snails were very buttery and garlicky, and if I’m honest, didn’t taste of much else.

The Frogs legs were lovely. Very rich and kind of chicken-y. A bit boney though.

Anyway – the food challenge is almost complete…

Only two left now to try before June 14th!


1. Jellied Eels
2. Pig Cheeks
3. Sweet Meats
4. Bubble tea
5. Dried Insects
6. Quails egg
7. Creme de menthe
8. Frogs legs
9. Snails
10. Kangaroo
11. Nettle tea
12. Oysters
13. Steak Tartare
14. Dandelion Wine
15. Gazpacho
16. Pea Soup
17. Root beer float
18. Gnocchi
19. Ox Heart
20. Squirrel
21. Spotted Dick
22. Souffle
23. Kumquat
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