First Aid

So alongside the 23 new foods, I also challenged myself at the start of last year to complete a first aid course.

Which I’ve now ticked off… (all thanks to Wist.)

We turned up to what looked like a scout hut in the middle of a business park.

There, we met our friendly trainer, Sally-Anne, receiving a torrent of complaints from an aromatherapist called Mary. Yep, complaints before the course had even started.

At first I was a little worried that would be a sign, but as the complaints continued to flow, I started to realise that Mary didn’t seem all there.
After a few minutes in the training session, I concluded that she wasn’t.

But that didn’t stop the fun – in fact it made the session.

This is a dummy. (Not Mary.)

And I can now safely say my bandage tying is top notch.

Great day.

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