A weekend of bands

Wist and I somehow managed to see 13 bands over the course of this weekend.
Four, on Friday night (with Muse gig + pub)
And nine, at the Sofar Sunday Festival.

1. Bastille – Support at Muse @ Emirates
Pretty good live, but unfortunately was still light and people were more in the mood for drinking than dancing I think.

2. Dizzee Rascal – Support at Muse @ Emirates.
God I hated this. I mean c’mon, seriously?

3. Muse – Emirates
Incredible live gig.
Amazing stadium sound, beautiful light show and pyrotechnics – here’s some pics.

4. Jimmy C and the Blues Dragons – @ Old Kings Head Theatre
Playing the Old Kings Head Theatre pub, which we drank in after the Muse gig.
I’ve seen them a couple of times – they’re a really great blues band with a cheshire-cat-grinning singer that looked like Tobin c.2005.

On the Sunday, we headed to Sofar festival – in an amazing little venue called TestBed1 and the Doodle Bar. Here’s some pics and band thoughts….

5. Lonesound – @ Sofar Fest
Nice voice, with a solid band around him. Strong folk-pop songs. Nice. Funny haircut on the bassist – looked a little bit like that ‘Berries and Cream’ advert.

6. Ali Warren Band – @ Sofar Fest
Wist had a perfect description for this: ‘It’s like they’ve listened to too many Jeff Buckley middle 8s, and haven’t realised they need to put a song either side of it.’

7. Jay Brown – @ Sofar Fest
Very 90s, Skunk Anansie style sound – strong voice and good drummer

8. Cannon Street – @ Sofar Fest
Saw this band at Moseley Folk Festival. I really want to like them, they’ve got some nice harmonies and work well together – but the songs sit on well trodden ground, and they’re still a bit too giggly unfortunately.

9. Danglo – @ Sofar Fest
Very nervous on stage, and wasn’t a huge fan of their songs – the singer was strong in parts and there were some nice ideas in there but not for me.

10. Indigo Earth – @ Sofar Fest
Very very good. Great songs, three part harmonies, confident and catchy.
Not too sure about the name, but the band are brilliant.

11. Annie Eve – @ Sofar Fest
Also brilliant. Bought her EP. Ghostly, Laura Marling style artist with a lotta potential.

12. Fred Page – @ Sofar Fest
Fairly undistinguishable from every other singer-songwriter if I’m honest, but had a powerful voice.

13. Grass House – @ Sofar Fest
I liked this band. Echoey guitar and low, distinctive vocals. Nice.

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