Museo Casa Enzo Ferrari

Whilst in Modena, we took the time to visit the Ferrari museum.
The museum itself is based on the grounds of Enzo Ferrari’s old house.

It’s had a substantial overhaul in the last few years, and the new museum buildings are quite striking.

Like many of the great people I’ve learnt about in museums over the last few months, Enzo was fanatic about keepings scrapbooks and diaries.
I loved what was written in the cabinet containing his diaries:
“There were references that only he could understand. Phrases, timetables, personal details: Enzo Ferrari’s personal diary guarded a whole world, it was like a king’s treasure chest. An iron will emerges between the lines, the force of an ideal that was never abandoned. And it was no coincidence that, folded between the pages filled with notes, Ferrari kept an Italian flag. Italy was present in every gesture. His native land. And also his deepest motivation.”

Ferrari convinced his own mother to sell their family home to buy several cars, which he converted for racing. In 1929, his company Scuderia Ferrari was born – backed by Alfa Romeo.

Ferrari would often hold his company strategy meetings in his ‘Error museum’ – a room full of parts that had given way during races.

He had the most beautiful fountain pen.

And the coolest glasses in the world.

If I’m honest, most of the museum was a bit too tech-spec heavy for my liking – you really had to know your cars to get into it.
But considering petrolheads must make the pilgrimage from all across the globe to the site, it’s not too surprising really.


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