NOTICE: Bill Drummond Exhibition in Digbeth

We were walking through Digbeth the other day, and I spotted a huge poster out the corner of my eye. Turned out it was advertising the first date of the ‘Bill Drummond World Tour’ – his 25 Paintings.


We popped inside – it was brilliant.

Drummond creates art through activities – what he calls ‘sculptures’.

Each of the 25 paintings created advertise or signify one of the activities.


Some of the activities include knitting…




and balancing.

House of Cards.002

They’re all beautifully random.

I particularly like the Soup Line – if your house sits on the Soup Line, Drummond will come and make a vat of soup for you.


Drummond has also been twinning towns – this one was hilarious:


The 25 paintings are changed are repainted everytime an activity finishes and a new one is started.

Each activity has a notice – there’s a huge wall of them on display – but Drummond has been through over 600 so far.


Whilst the exhibition may be small, it continually evolves from one week to the next – so you’ll see different things and over the next 11 years he’ll amass a huge amount of work.


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