25 Comedy Gigs – Challenge Update

I’m still trying to take shots of the venues/stages pre-gig. I’ve been late to one or two, and the act’s been on stage already. But, in all, I don’t think I’m doing too badly on this challenge.

No3. Adam Buxton @ Kings Place, Work-in-progress show

Adam Buxton

No4 & No5. Tim Key & Josie Long @ Union Chapel, Invisible Dot

Union Chapel

No6. Joshua Ross @ Leicester Square Theatre, New Comedian of the Year. *I could have finished the challenge with this night alone, as we saw about 20 comedians in total – but I’ve decided just to count the champion.

New Comedian

No7. Mark Thomas @ Tricycle Theatre, Cuckooed

Mark Thomas

No8. Comedy Store Players @ Comedy Store

Comedy Store

No9. Tim Key @ Invisible Dot KX, Father Slutmus

Tim Key Father Slutmus

No10 & No11. Stewart Lee & Josie Long @ The Bloomsbury Theatre, Robin Ince’ Christmas Ghosts


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