Challenge 26

So I’m a bit late putting these up… but I’ve finally decided on what challenges I’m going to do in my 26th year. Should be an interesting (if slightly weird) year…

1. 26 MINI PILGRIMAGES This year I’m aiming to make 26 mini pilgrimages to graves and memorials of people that have influenced the way I think. All have contributed significantly to culture, creativity, art and science. (I’ve got a slightly longer list than the one below, and will swap in and out if the opportunity arises.)

  1. Arthur Conan Doyle
  2. Edward Ardizzone
  3. Isaac Newton
  4. Oliver Postgate
  5. Spike Milligan
  6. Rudyard Kipling
  7. Winston Churchill
  8. Henry Tate
  9. Charles Darwin
  10. Emily Davison
  11. Bert Jansch
  12. Heath Robinson
  13. Farrokh Bulsara (Freddie mercury)
  14. Brian Epstein
  15. Rik Mayall
  16. John Bonham
  17. William Shakespeare
  18. Amy Winehouse
  19. Frank Pick
  20. Ian Fleming
  21. John Venn
  22. Ada Lovelace
  23. Alan Turing
  24. John Peel
  25. Robert Hooke
  26. Christopher Wren

It’ll see me get all over the country:


2. 26 NEW RECIPES I used to be quite a good cook. At one point, I even wanted to be a chef. And one look on instagram will prove to anyone that I love my food. But the last few years, I’ve got quite lazy in the kitchen – and I must admit that Wist ends up cooking more than I do. This year I’m going to try 26 new recipes – and try and rediscover my love for cooking (rather than just eating…) Going to keep it an open list, rather than fixed. And I’m probably going to include cocktail recipes.

3. 26 INDEPENDENT COFFEE SHOPS Less boozy than last year. I’m hoping this will be better for both physical and mental health. Ideally I’ll experience something similar to society’s jump from the middle ages to the enlightenment. That was just swapping mead for coffee – right…? (Couple of rules – I can’t have been in them before. And I’m going to count micro chains etc. Open list rather than fixed.)

As usual, I’m also going to aim to wrap up my year with 26 photos.

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