Personal Canon #1

I really love Buster Benson‘s codex vitae project.
I haven’t had the time to put down on paper everything that he has. But I thought I’d at least start with a list of books that I read over and over again. A personal canon. Desert Island Discs, but for books.
I’ve tried to limit it to an amount I could feasibly carry. And over time, I’ll swap in/out and evolve the list.

1 Make Space: How to set the stage for creative collaboration

2 Do Purpose – David Hieatt

3 Dear Future Me – Matt Sly

4 How to do better creative work – Steve Harrison

On the shortness of life – Seneca

6 The Giraffe, The Pelly and Me – Roald Dahl

7 Johnny the Clockmaker – Edward Ardizzione

The Media Lab: Inventing the future at MIT – Stewart Brand

9 Eating The Big Fish – Adam Morgan

10 A book about Innocent: Our story and some things we’ve learned – Innocent

11 Man Walks Into A Pub – Pete Brown

12 Change the world for a fiver – WAWWD

13 Mission Explore – The Geography Collective

14 Mind Your Business: Small Enterprise as Liberating strategy – Tom Hodgkinson

15 Shaping Things – Bruce Sterling

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