26 Recipes Update #2.

Moving slowly on this challenge – beginning to wonder if I’ll even finish before June.
Most of the photos make the food look pretty unappetizing. Some of them tasted okay. A couple of duds in there which need more work.

#5. One-pan salmon with roast asparagus. Recipe from BBC GoodFood

5. One-pan salmon with roast asparagus

#6. Chicken, Goats Cheese & Tomato bake. Recipe from BBC GoodFood
(Forgot to take a photo before. So afraid we’re left with a photo of all the washing up…)

6. Chicken, Goats Cheese & Tomato bake

#7. One-pot Chicken and Chorizo, Nathan Outlaw

7. One-pot Chicken and Chorizo

#8. Roast Chicken and Lemon Bombay Potatoes, Jamie Oliver

8. Roast Chicken and Lemon Bombay Potatoes

#9. Pickled Celery, Pitt Cue Co.

9. Pickled Celery, Pitt Cue Co

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