#25. Two Hands Coffee, Rock Rose

Coffee Shop: Two Hands Coffee, Rock Rose
Time: Friday midday
Coffee beans: Finca El Peten
Ordered: 2 x Drip coffees

Unfortunately not great. Very big space. But quite plasticky, like a new build. And a bit lacking in character – like a Starbucks or an All Bar One. Needs roughing up. Concrete floor. Hanging lights. High ceiling. Bare pine wood on back of bar. Wall murals share coffee quotes. Slight division of space where people work on laptops. Doubles as a licensed bar with real ale available. Pour over coffees looked pretty good. Food looks quite nice, albeit sugary. Juices also sounded good. Friendly staff. Two bean options for drip coffee, we went for the bolder. Unfortunately it tasted a little burnt.

Two Hands.001Two Hands.002Two Hands.003Two Hands.004

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