My London #3, #4

#3. Leysian Mission, City Road
Having lived in Old Street for three or four years, this building only crept into my consciousness around twelve months ago. Inside, the great hall is long gone, filled in with plush Old Street apartments. But the outside is still magnificent, and it’s topped up with a beautiful green dome sitting proudly on top. The words Leysian Mission are still visible at the entrance: a constant reminder of what this building was originally built for – a helping hand for the East End London slums.

My London - photos far copy.001

#4. Smithfield Market, Farringdon
Perhaps my favourite building in London. My wife and I even had our wedding photos taken underneath one of the wrought iron caverns. Victorian grandeur at its best; with cathedral-like loading bays and ornamental metalwork. The market is one of the few places in zone 1 that has resisted white collar urban renewal, but all that may change once the Museum of London moves in, in 2021.

My London - photos far copy.002

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