Japanese #9. Sushi Tetsu, Jerusalem Passage

Restaurant: Sushi Tetsu, Jerusalem Passage
Time: Friday evening
With: Wist
Stand-out dish: Prawn Nigiri
The best sushi I’ve ever eaten. Perhaps the best meal I’ve ever eaten. With an address on Jerusalem Passage, I won’t be the first to have used sacrilegious wordplay about Sushi Tetsu. But it really is worthy of a pilgrimage; it’s divine. There are only seven seats, and one chef. The chef’s wife works front of house – chatting about the best ways to eat sushi and Japanese culture, whilst ensuring drinks are always topped up. The menu is omakase – chefs choice – and from start to finish, the flavour and finish is outstanding. The sashimi plate was almost too beautiful to eat; you’re advised to start on the right and work your way left (from white fish to dark). Beyond that, each piece of sushi is individually crafted by the chef and placed in front of you. You get to taste it just moments after its creation. If I could get another reservation easily, I would. It’s worth every penny.


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