Japanese #21. Tokyo Diner, Newport Pl

Restaurant: Tokyo Diner, Newport Pl
Time: Wednesday lunchtime
With: Leo
Stand-out dish: Ton Katsu Bento
The fullest I’ve felt on this challenge so far. The bento box here is substantial – including pork katsu, rice, sashimi, tofu with green beans, sautéed carrot and gobo, fried broccoli and cauliflower, and pickles. The signs proudly claim that if you’re hungry, you can order an omari (a second portion of rice) for free. We definitely didn’t need it. The restaurant itself is fairly shabby. Its not somewhere to head for a special occasion. And on a Wednesday lunchtime it’s deathly silent. We had to keep our voices down, to ensure we didn’t offend the other diners. But all in all, very good value considering the amount of food you get.


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