Japanese #22. Hare and Tortoise, Chiswick High Rd

Restaurant: Hare and Tortoise, Chiswick High Rd
Time: Sunday lunchtime
With: –
Stand-out dish: Okonomiyaki Stick
First in the door at this restaurant on Chiswick High Rd. But it filled up quickly, and by the time I left there was a queue forming. The interiors are modern and clean, with lots of muted grey and wood. Its not my favourite fit out, but not too much to complain about either. Other than the James Blunt soundtrack perhaps. Its also not cheap, especially considering it’s described as a Japanese canteen. But the food was quick to the table, and the sashimi and toro nigiri were tasty. The okonomiyaki sticks really stood out – sweet but spicy, hot and delicious.


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