27 Review

Challenge 27 is complete.
I felt like I really hit a rhythm this year – all of the tasks were evenly spaced out throughout the year, and I didn’t have to rush any of them.

Japanese restaurants turned out to be expensive, but fantastic.
Here are my top five from the year:

Summary 27.001

The cocktails challenge was great fun – something I’m going to try and keep up. In fact, it helped me find my new go-to drink. The Aviation.


A few of the Nairn’s buildings turned out to be difficult to track down, I was glad to see them all the same. This one really exposed just how little I know about architecture. But I’m glad I did it all the same – it has made me more interested in the subject than I was.
My top five highlights:

Summary 27.002

Like every year before, I’ve taken 27 photos that best sum up the year. They’re here on Flickr.

27 Summary

And with that, onto next year…

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