2017 Review

Thoughts on 2017:
The Big Stuff:
A big year for us. We met Laurel Wilding Harris. We left Shepherdess Walk for Whitechapel. And then left Whitechapel for Stepney Green. Longish trip to Italy (Rome, Florence, Bologna, Venice.) Shortish trip to New York. I worked on some big pitches at work, and helped win a few of them. Launched Possibilitea. Launched GlitteringEy.es. APG gold for CRUK. I was invited to become a trustee of Depaul UK. And with my parents moving house, I waved goodbye to my childhood home in Gotherington.
The Small Stuff:
Adhered to 
’Weekly squash’ better in the first half of the year than the second. Finally achieved “The Usual?” at Workshop Coffee before it closed down. Ordered far too much from Tayyabs and Chicken Shop. I managed a full year of journalling, and Monday morning week-planning. Didn’t go to enough gigs. We had some nice weekends away seeing friends and family. Dry January. Wet November and December. And a white Christmas (well, Boxing Day). Amazing what can happen in a year.

New Year Blog post Images.004

Quote for the year:
“Get some sleep before the baby arrives.”

Books read: 33
Best three books:
New Year Blog post Images.003.jpeg

Number of photos taken: 9858
Number of songs starred on Spotify: 110
Most listened to track: White noise – BP 228 hz
Series watched: Yes Minister, Yes Prime Minister, Inside No 9, Episodes, Better Call Saul, Brass Eye, Line of Duty, Flea Bag, The Crown, Parks and Recreation
Album of the Year: Laura Marling – Semper Femina
Film of the Year: The Lego Batman Movie

Pub Quizzes Partaken: 0
Pub Quizzes Won: 0
Trips to the doctor: 1
Trips to the dentist: 3
Trips to the vet: 1

Museums visited: 21
Museums by month:
New Year Blog post Images.001
New Year Blog post Images.002
New Year’s Resolutions:
Dry January. More writing. More dinners with friends and family. Master Adobe Illustrator. Redo the kitchen and the bathroom.

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