29 Review

It felt like I found my groove again this year.

’29 Folk traditions’ was one of the hardest I’ve had to do – because most of them only happen once a year, and they generally cluster around pagan holidays – but I finished it (and actually could’ve done a couple of extras).

Here are my top 5 folk traditions:


’29 Hot sauces’ started well, faltered, and then I picked it up again in the closing weeks and months. I’m glad it happened that way, because the best thing was being able to compare them against each other.

Here are my top 5 hot sauces:


’29 Salads’ didn’t happen. It’s the second time I’ve attempted it, and the second time I’ve failed. I think I need to think through its parameters again before trying it a third time.

Like every year before, here are the 29 photos that I think best sum up the year.


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