27th Feb – 5th March.

Righto! Had a pretty busy week but don’t really feel that I have too much to report!
Nos Da: I’ve just booked the latest Nos Da acoustic night date at Ten Feet Tall. Keep this date free… 18th April. 18th April. 18th April. 18th April! More details to come.
Jim Lockey & The Solemn Sun: Jim Lockey & TSS’ newest record will be released on May 8th… Wahey! I’ve been asked to collaborate with IStartedTheFire records in booking the CD release tour, which will take place from May 10th onwards. Watch this space. (P.s if you want to see them in your village/town/city just holla)
Midnight Mile gig: Tomorrow i’m (at long last) playing with my favourite musical family ‘Midnight Mile‘. Cannot wait for the gig – haven’t played in a long long time but hopefully the rust will crumble off me once we’ve practised…
Come to the Frog and Fiddle (Cheltenham) tomorrow (6th March) at 8pm if you fancy a little aural delight. If you’re reading this after the gig has happened…. you missed out!!
Castlecake Meeting: Currently compiling notes for the partner meeting next Tuesday. Lots of things to get cracking on so hopefully next weeks post will be more substantial.
Tata x

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