6th March – 12th March

Busy week this week!
1) Nos Da is now ‘The Acoustic Attic’! Why? Some pesky bar in Cardiff centre stole our name! The next Acoustic Attic is the 18th April. We’ve gone all ‘Mumford and Sons-y’ this month with 3 fantastic acts (click on them to listen to them on myspace): Stokes William, 3 Pairs of Shoes and Joshua Morgan. I’ll upload the poster on here soon.

2) Stella’s School Scheme website – I’m currently grappling with lots of HTML code as I get my head around the SSS website. SSS is a school sponsorship charity that my mother runs in the Gambia. I’m taking on the lovely task of updating the charity’s online content. Hopefully with more regular updates and a charity news feed, followers will be able to find out about the good work the charity does quickly and easily. The website can be found here.

3) Jim Lockey tour – Slow and steady movement regarding the Lockey tour. I’ve been chatting to a lovely new event promoter in Leamington Spa with the possibility of a Kasbah date, I’m toying with the idea of an intimate Milgi’s set in Cardiff and I’m collating a list of regular promoters toannoy nationwide. Roll on the Lockey boys album release – can’t wait!

4) Castlecake – There has been some substantial happenings in the Castlecake camp this week. Partner meeting on Tuesday, Enterprise Wales meeting on Thursday and lots of new developments in the near future. Find out more by visiting the Castlecake blog here

And Finally: Brown for Savoury, White for pudding.

I’m off to don black tie and strut around Claire’s music ball pretending to be James bond. Tara! x

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