3rd April – 9th April

Yo yo yo…

Pretty hectic week! (revision still hasn’t started. ouch.)

1) Acoustic Attic –

Somehow ended up with TWO groups for the event on facebook… not a completely bad thing?! – but makes communication & promotion a little harder… apologies if anyone gets the same message twice.

Here’s the first CLICK ME and here’s the second OR ME

You’re welcome to attend either. They’re both at the same time. At the same place.

2) Castlecake –

Just got back from an exciting pitch at The Culture Group in Cardiff. Our storyboards were approved and we were given the all clear to continue to production. Producing what??

We’ll be producing a series of viral shorts for their client ‘Live UnLtd.

Here’s a quick preview from our pre-production.

3) Istartedthefire Booking –

Still very slow. Venue promoters just won’t take risks!

Currently speaking to Brian at the Marrs Bar. Hopefully will be able to secure a Worcestershire gig with him…

AND FINALLY: I like this piano riff


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