27th March – 2nd April

Hello thereeee!

Fairly busy week – revision for finals should have started… but haven’t.

1) Acoustic Attic –

  • 3 x Acts: Confirmed.
  • Venue: Confirmed.
  • Sound Engineer: Confirmed.
  • Poster: Produced.
  • Promotion: Needs a kick up the backside!

Here’s the poster:

Please tell your friends. I’ll whack the facebook group up on here once it is born.

2) Istartedthefire: Very slow this week. Spoken to around fifteen promoters with pretty shoddy results.

Rant ahoy: So many promoters expect bands to be able to sell x-million tickets before they let them play – it bypasses the point of a promoter in the first place. The risk of live music should lie with the promoter, as they are also the ones who stand to make money from ticket sales. Ergh!

3) Castlecake: Currently in talks with some very lovely people over at the culture group. More to come!

4) I really should start some revision!

And Finally: Click here

Love love love! xx

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