Gig 6: Kashmir Klub Reunion / Union Chapel / 22.11.11

Unfortunately I’ve been a little bit sloppy and left it over a month since I attended this gig before putting fingers to keyboard. Luckily – it was brilliant and I remember it pretty vividly.

The Kashmir Klub reunion, held at Union Chapel comprised 14 artists (each playing 2 or 3 songs) paying tribute to the Kashmir Klub – an old iconic basement club started by Tony Moore in 1997.

Stand-out acts on the night were Jamie Lawson, Tom Baxter and Earl Okin.
Jamie Lawson appeared particularly shy – didn’t even introduce himself – but played a beautiful song ‘I wasn’t expecting that.’ I certainly wasn’t.
Tom Baxter played several tracks – all fantastic. A real talent to be reckoned with.
Earl Okin played upon his odd looks with a hilarious song ‘My Room.’ A very funny act and a surprisingly talented musician.

Two crowdpleasers also didn’t fail to deliver – The Feeling and Nizlopi.
Both played their most famous tracks, much to the audience’ delight.

Great night.

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