Gig 7: Hanson / IndigO2 / 29.11.11

A very kind friend offered me a free ticket to go see these teen-boppers and I jumped at the chance.
A free ticket to a gig – of course!

Little did I know we’d be surrounded by DIE-HARD Hanson fans…
The first act played – very cute chat to the audience between songs – but unfortunately the songs were fairly predictable…

Hanson came on to rapturous applause. Or at least I think they did.
I pretty much lost my hearing from the sheer volume of middle-aged women screaming until their lungs collapsed. The audience was comprised almost entirely of females. Myself, my friend and a couple of sombre and sober looking chaps (with screaming girlfriends in tow) provided the only masculinity present in the room.

The band were actually extremely tight – some tracks were near mechanical – but you’d expect it after 15 years of playing some of them.

Overall a pretty good gig – I wouldn’t have chosen to go myself but I’m glad I did.

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