Gig 8: Duke Special / Wilton’s Music Hall / 30.11.11

It’s not often you stumble across as beautiful a venue as Wilton’s Music Hall.

Tucked away in the east end of London, behind a pub fascia is the oldest surviving music hall in the world.

Half derilict, it’s crumbling state seems to add, not detract, from the warm atmosphere you sense as you enter.

Unfortunately we were too late to see the first support act, but amused ourselves playing table tennis and drinking whisky in the mahogany bar.

Duke Special played with a string quartet – showcasing his new album ‘Under the Darkcloth.’

A masterpiece from start to finish – it has to be one of my favourite gigs of all time.
Duke Specials honesty and originality bleed through his music and the broken state of many of the subjects addressed in the songs are only exemplified by the surrounding venue.

I’d recommend both Duke Special and Wilton’s to absolutely anyone – the entire evening was fantastic.

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