22 Brands // Update 1 – 4

Going back through my journal and my blog, I seem to have had split objectives on my 22nd birthday last year..

In my notepad, I’d written see 22 gigs, visit 22 new pubs, buy 22 new albums and read 22 books.
On here, I appear to have written see 22 gigs, visit 22 new pubs, buy 22 new albums and write about 22 brands I like.
Obviously the thought of 22 books scared me enough to change the objective at the point between copying from my journal to the blog. However – with only one book left to read – I’ve just realised I haven’t started talking about brands.
So here’s my starter for ten. Or twenty two.

1) Ginger Joe – I only got to know this brand in December last week, and it’s disgustingly hard to find the product in the shops. But the branding is excellent – with a flaming ginger moustache on every bottle and a solid block font that helps it stand out on the supermarket shelf. They do some fairly me-too stuff on facebook (tache-yourself etc..) but the product is great, and the product branding suits it perfectly. If only it could sort out its goddamn distribution!

2) Heinz – Ah the great British institution. Obviously it’s a brand I’ve grown up with over many years, so there’s too much to say about it… But AMV are doing some hearty work  – especially their ‘magic beans’ fairytale TVC that’s on at the moment.

3) Tommy Hilfiger – I’m not a big designer clothes buyer. In fact, I’m more likely to buy clothes from a charity shop than from New Bond Street. But I quite like TH’s product, and I really like the american vintage college outfitter vibe they manage to communicate through their photography. Nice.

4) Jaffa Cakes – It’s nice to write about a brand I’ve worked on. However – I have to say there were very few things I managed to get out of the door that I was proud of whilst I was on it. The late, great 90s advertising is no more – but built the brand to what it is today. It’s a great product, and the mischievousness that people know it for is something I’d like to see return.


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