Gig 21: Scott Matthews, Fionn Regan etc../ Lunar Festival, Tamworth in Arden/ 02.05.12 – 03.05.12

So after a long time comin’, Lunar weekend finally arrived.
Unfortunately so did the rain.

Clicking the heels of borrowed boots and looking a bit like a toddler that had been dressed by an overprotective mother, we headed to Lunar. The festival was hidden away in the Umberslade Farm Park – with only half moon signs to guide you to the site.
Once there, the (lax but very friendly) security wrapped our wrist bands on and we headed to the beer tent for a pint of Purity…

Over the weekend – we saw a number of nice bands and a number of not-so-nice bands and got thoroughly drenched – but it was bloody brilliant all the same…

– Scott Matthews – As ever, was incredible. Backed only with a drummer, but on home soil, he really took the house down. For once, I didn’t miss City Headache. And he played all the hits. Was fantastic.

– Fionn Regan – I haven’t seen Fionn for a long while, but really didn’t need to worry. He was great as ever – an Irish Bob Dylan, with a mean talent for guitar and a distinctive voice. The songs were fantastic, but as we approached the encore, disappointment dawned as I realised he hadn’t played my favourite track (The Underwood Typewriter.) After an encore of Be Good or Be Gone, I started to leave – elated but with a tinge of sadness. Next thing I know – a (drunk) organiser walks up on stage and asks him to encore for a second time. And he plays it! Fantastic.

– Michael Chapman – Really great, older guy. Fond of a swear word, but fantastic acoustic player with a gravelly but great voice.

– Goodnight Lenin – The band that pulled the most people all weekend I think.. After the rains increased, people started to leave! They were really tight, comfortable and charismatic.

– Boat to Row – Much tighter than when I saw them at the small beer festival a little while ago. With violinist in tow, they played well and despite some dodgy banter, were well received.

– Ashley Hutchings and Blair Dunlop – Father and son duo. Father being ex-Fairport Convention. Son being shoved into limelight by ex-Fairport Convention father. Actually a very nice set from the two of them – but the poetry felt a little bit pretentious.

– Jim Moray – Thought he was interesting – very traditional folk but brought the crowd along with him. Including two uber fans. They loved him. Peg n’ awl.

– Duotone – I thought the whole loop-pedal thing was over now, but clearly some people are still going for it! They produced some great layers and despite a couple of timing issues, were really quite impressive.

Not so nice
– Hannah Peel – I just didn’t get it.
– Rapunzel and Sedayne – Tone deaf wizard and wife.

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