Update on 23:Eat

So it’s been a little while since I last posted, but I’m ticking them off (albeit the easy ones.)

2. Pig Cheeks
First up and supremely delicious – I had a starter of crispy pig cheeks (with piccalilli and a chive & lambs lettuce salad) at Jamie Oliver’s St Paul’s meat-shack ‘Barbecoa’. A lovely treat from Wist for my birthday. Alas I forgot to take a photograph.

Luckily – someone has already written about them and posted a photo (thanks www.tomeatsjencooks.com)

11. Nettle tea
Next up – Nettle tea.
Sampled in Cornwall – a little like Green Tea.
I don’t think it will be replacing my morning coffee unfortunately.

16. Pea Soup
Slightly off-piste, but nevertheless a tick in the box – I had a beautiful dinner of Pea, Lovage and Rocket Soup whilst in Cornwall. Lovage is apparently the latest ‘cool’ herb. The soup was a delicious summer soup for a wet and windy August holiday.

17. Root beer float
Okay this was pretty gross.
I think it was actually worse than the butterbeer I tasted at the Warner Bros Harry Potter Tour. Sickly sweet icecream on a fizzy artificial-tasting base. Crazy it’s so close to the coke float really – a world apart in taste.

4. Bubble tea
First glance – urgh. First sip – mmm interesting, I like it. Third sip – urgh.
Sucking up a tapioca ball is pretty surprising at first – I quite liked it. Until I had to chew it.
The tea itself tastes a bit like a cold nettle tea… Could’ve ticked off two birds with one stone (or two cups with one tea bag).

6. Quails egg
Scotched – I tell you. Outside the famous Eagle on City Road.
Beautifully cooked, surrounded by a warm meaty base – with picallili dip.
Would recommend!

15. Gazpacho
I loved this. It was like a cucumber and tomato salad. But blended.
I’d definitely have it again. In fact, I did. I had Wist’s.

1. Jellied Eels
2. Pig Cheeks
3. Sweet Meats
4. Bubble tea
5. Dried Insects
6. Quails egg
7. Foie Gras
8. Frogs legs
9. Snails
10. Kangaroo
11. Nettle tea
12. Oysters
13. Steak Tartare
14. Dandelion Wine
15. Gazpacho
16. Pea Soup
17. Root beer float
18. Gnocchi
19. Ox Heart
20. Squirrel
21. Spotted Dick
22. Souffle
23. Kumquat

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