East London Eels and Gnocchi

So I’ve got a couple more entries for 23:Eat… and what a mixed bag it was!
First up:

1. Jellied Eels
Oh dear god – these are disgusting.
The eels themselves taste a little bit like kipper. Most bites are littered with bones.
And then lovingly covered in unsweetened jelly (think pork pie casing)…
Just horrible.
The shop we visited for them was great though – a snapshot of East London past.

18. Gnocchi
Wow – this was great.
Potato/pasta chunks in an tomato and basil sauce, sprinkled with cheese.
Not the healthiest on the list, but one of the tastiest.

1. Jellied Eels
2. Pig Cheeks
3. Sweet Meats
4. Bubble tea
5. Dried Insects
6. Quails egg
7. Foie Gras
8. Frogs legs
9. Snails
10. Kangaroo
11. Nettle tea
12. Oysters
13. Steak Tartare
14. Dandelion Wine
15. Gazpacho
16. Pea Soup
17. Root beer float
18. Gnocchi
19. Ox Heart
20. Squirrel
21. Spotted Dick
22. Souffle
23. Kumquat

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