Leonardo Da Vinci (1)

I knew Wist and I would be fairly geeky on our holiday in Italy, but visiting two Leonardo Da Vinci exhibitions couldn’t have been predicted.

Here’s the summation of the first one…

Firstly – Leonardo and his machines.

This exhibition was full of working examples of LDV’s sketches and inventions.
It was great to see some of them up close, and it was a nice intro to LDVs sketchbooks.
Here’s just some of them…

– The Cam Hammer

– The jack

– The gearshift

– The floodlight

– Ball bearings

– The autolock mechanism

– Arched bridge

– Vertical drill

– Helicoidal-thread screw gearing

– Continuous motion to alternate motion

– Bicycle

– Aerial screw

– Hang glider

– Flapping wing machine

– Flying machine

– Clinometer

– Water skis…

– Column lifter

– Excavating machine

One talented man.

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