A long list of things the iPhone supplanted

An amazing list of things the iPhone has supplanted.
The number of industries that must have been crushed by one tiny device – it’s unbelievable.

Physical objects fully supplanted by iPhone 4S with retina display:

1) 50 pounds of books (via Kindle, iBooks)

2) Kindle e-reader

3) daily newspaper

4) pocket digital camera (via built-in camera)

5) holga film camera (via Instagram, ToyCamera app)

6) pocket foreign language dictionaries

7) scanner (via Genius Scan)

8) bank ATMs (via USAA’s app, which allows deposits via snapshot)

9) GPS device

10) road maps / printouts from Mapquest and Google Maps

11) reporter’s notebook (I find tapping out notes isn’t any slower than writing them)

12) voice recorder

13) handwritten grocery lists (via DropBox-syncing Plaintext)

14) Nintendo DS

15) iPod

16) radio (via NPR app / Hype Machine / iTunes / Spotify / Pandora)

17) paper comics (via Comixology)

18) set-top box remote (via the Roku app)

19) paper receipt file (via EZ receipts)

Partially supplanted:
20) television

21) business cards (via CardCloud)

Will be supplanted:
22) Credit and debit cards (via app, NFC or QR codes)

23) loyalty cards

Could be supplanted:
24) set-top boxes

25) driver’s license or other forms of ID

26) laptop (via a docking solution)

Via: http://www.technologyreview.com/view/428579/a-surprisingly-long-list-of-everything-smartphones-replaced/

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