Challenge 25


Twenty five.

Quarter of a century.

I really should stop doing these silly little challenges.

Last year was tough, but really fun – so I’m going to stick with mixing it up between blank lists and formed lists.

So the challenges this year are….

25 Comedy Acts

I’ve read quite a bit online and in the trade press about planners nicking insights from comedians. I don’t really think it’s a bad thing. They’re great at digging out observations and insights into people’s behaviour – it seems only right that I make comedy gigs one of my challenges this year. If I can pick up some insights, great. If I can work out how to better mine for them myself, even better. Rather than plan all 25 and then try and tick them off throughout the year – I’m just going to see if I can complete the list before next year.

Blank list:

25 Breakfasts from around the world

Breakfasts from across the globe could be a fun one. I think breakfast really gives a window onto the personality of a country’s cuisine, so hopefully I’ll learn quite a bit about some countries I haven’t travelled to (and some I have…) Here’s the list that I’m going to try and tick off this year. It might change a bit, but I’m fine with that:

  1. Egypt – Ful medames
  2. Spain – Pan Con Tomate
  3. Costa Rica – Gallo Pinto
  4. Phillipines – Tapsilog
  5. China – Mantou and Congee
  6. Japan – Rice, Miso, Umeboshi and Green tea
  7. India – Akuri
  8. Mexico – Huevos Rancheros
  9. Australia – Vegemite
  10. France – Brioche and Cafe au lait
  11. Ethiopia – FitFit
  12. Poland – Scrambled egg, kielbasa, potato pancakes
  13. USA – pancakes, syrup, blueberries, bacon, and grits
  14. The Netherlands – Hagelslag, chocoladevlokken, chocoladepasta and bread
  15. Turkey – Beyaz Peynir and menemen
  16. Greece – Yoghurt, honey, grapes, fresh bread, hot milk
  17. Iceland – Hafragrautur and Lysi
  18. Thailand – Khao Neow Moo Ping
  19. Russia – Oladi, sour cream, caviar
  20. Columbia – Changua
  21. Alaska – Smoked salmon hash, reindeer meat, eggs
  22. Scotland – Full Scottish Breakfast ((inc. haggis and tattiecakes)
  23. Ireland – Full Irish Breakfast (inc. white pudding and soda bread)
  24. Wales – Full Welsh Breakfast (inc. laverbread & oatmeal and cockles)
  25. England – Full English Breakfast

25 Whiskys

As beers was so much fun last year, I thought it might be quite a nice challenge to take on a spirit instead. So I’ve decided to try whiskies. I’m going to make sure I get a pretty good split from around the globe; 10 or so Scotch single malts, 5 or so American bourbons/ryes, 5 from Ireland and 5 from Japan. Blank list again:

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