Comedy#1. Stewart Lee 05.07.2014

Comedy#1. Stewart Lee, @ The Soho Theatre, A Room With A Stew Work-in-progress show, July 5th 2014


I’d been working in Sweden the week of this gig, and flew into Heathrow late afternoon – so it was touch and go whether I’d get to Soho in time for this. But I needn’t have worried – the taxi driver hotfooted it back to central London so quickly, I beat Soph to the theatre.

Stewart Lee is hands down the best comedian I’ve seen to date. He deftly switches between egotistical snobbery and humbleness/intimacy and as an audience, you’re not sure at the start of each quip whether he’ll take the voice of Stewart Lee ‘the comedian’ or Stewart Lee ‘the man behind the comedian.’ His entire act is a rollercoaster – you can’t tell which way he’ll turn. I saw his show Carpet Remnant World last year, and can’t wait to see the full show this year when he tours it.

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