Japanese #7. Bone Daddies, Old St

Restaurant: Bone Daddies, Old St
Time: Friday evening
With: Wist
Stand-out dish: Sweet Spicy Pig Bones
Notes: Early evening table, rushing to get to Wembley for Louis CK. Restaurant had plenty of empty tables, but still felt buzzy. Cool decor, with Sake bottles lining the windows. Efficient staff got us in and out in an hour. I ordered ramen (Tantanmen) and Wist had a selection of starters and sides. The broccoli with spicy yuzukosho mayo was incredibly tasty, as was Wist’s heirloom tomato salad. If I went again, I’d choose a different ramen option – the pork with chicken didn’t sit quite right. The cheesy Japanese potato salad was gooey and delicious, but the stand out dish of the night were the pig bones. Crispy, sweet, and flavourful.



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